Sodomite Marriage

We’re here, we’re queer, and we’re in your face! The camel’s nose is under the tent.  It won’t be long before it gets inside.  I’ve been warning all, that this would be coming.  Right now the sodomites have their nose under the Vatican – It won’t be long before they all get inside.



    This world is so sick
    since it removed the brick
    the cornerstone, the pillar
    and became the “GOD” killer

    The only healing medication
    is not a “vaccination”
    but a remorseful return
    if not, this world will burn

    When plagues afflict us
    we act like a wuss
    We freak out about Ebola
    “ try some Granola”

    a worse disease is rampant
    it comes to us very lambent
    it’s the disease of immorality
    of lawlessness and bestiality

    God, the infinitely Merciful and Just
    keep challenging Him, He’ll combust
    who do we mortals think we are
    a new sparkle shining Dog Star ?

    We beg of You, Our Lord and Savior
    bring a halt to the world’s barbaric behavior
    As Your loyal followers, to You we cry out
    help us even if You have to use a knout

    2 Peter 3:10
    But the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night. The heavens will disappear with a roar; the elements will be destroyed by fire, and the earth and everything done in it will be laid bare.

    Rita Biesemans August 6 2014 Feast of THE TRANSFIGURATION


    In a world so full of darkness
    hearts transform into harshness
    mouths are hurling insults
    living the Me, Me, Me cults

    A brother killing his brother
    a daughter killing her mother
    kids who choose rather
    than to obey, to kill the father

    a world drenched in the occult
    and in God refuses to exult
    has chosen its own direction
    thus asking for Your correction

    As in the times of Noah, we are in the days
    You spoke of in so many different ways
    we live in the end of time as we know it
    in which finally Thy Kingdom will be legit

    Please Lord, let Your Light
    more than ever be so bright
    let it shine upon each faithful son
    to achieve the victory already won.

    Jesus will triumph in the final victory over the devil

    Rita Biesemans June 19 2014


    Though I am the Light
    you walk in the darkness
    Though I am the Might
    you follow the barkless

    Though I am the Truth
    you prefer the lier’s booth
    Though I am the Way
    you say it’s ok to be gay

    Though I am the Life
    you choose eternal death
    Where weeping and gnashing is rife
    and for sure there won’t be any Meth

    Oh you stubborn generation
    stop this horrific aberration
    You keep flirting with the seducer
    so don’t blame Me, blame the abuser

    Though I am the utter Merciful 
    I’m also the eternal Just
    Your behavior is extremely hurtful
    My patience you finally bust.

    Wake up and smell the coffee or it will be too late.
    Lord, please, hasten Your Coming

    Rita Biesemans, May 13 2014

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