Pell: “Three quarters of Fathers who spoke voiced problems with Report” Quotes untableted

From rorate caeli

Quotes and views by Cardinal George Pell, Holy See Secretary for the Economy, on the Relatio, given to The Tablet, but untableted for your convenience, that is, the Cardinal’s full quotes and views without the Tablet’s editorializing additions:

[Pell says the relatio is] “tendentious and incomplete,”… an “incomplete resumé” of what the Synod Fathers had said it needed to be “enhanced and corrected”.

He added that after the relatio had been presented three-quarters of the participants in the synod hall who had made interventions had voiced problems with the text.

“The question of Communion for divorced and remarried is only the tip of the iceberg”… “In seeking to be merciful, some want to open up Catholic teaching on marriage, divorce, civil unions, homosexuality in a radically liberalising direction, whose fruits we see in other Christian traditions”…

“[It is] strange that there was so little in the document on scriptural teaching and magisterial teaching on marriage, sexuality, family.” “The task now is to reassure good practising Catholics that doctrinal changes are not possible; to urge people to take a deep breath, pause and to work to prevent deeper divisions and radicalising of factions.” He pointed out Jesus’ teaching on marriage and divorce is a fundamental, which needs to be accepted. He added that children “have a right to a mother and a father”. (Source)

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