Gay Agenda Being Pushed in the Vatican

Bishop Juan Vicente Cordoba
Bishop Juan Vicente Cordoba of Colombia insisted that being homosexual is not a sin, and likewise suggested that one of the twelve apostles of Jesus was gay or that Mary Magdalene was a lesbian.

The gay agenda is apparently being pushed aggressively in the Vatican by forces from within – and from the very top – of the Church heirarchy.

Recent statements by the German and the Swiss Bishops’ conferences, in anticipation of the next Synod on the Family, show them going soft on same-sex unions. The Germans issued a statement for the upcoming Synod on the Family in October that asserted alleged discoveries:

in the human sciences (medicine, psychology), namely that sexual orientation is a disposition that is not selected by the individual and that it is unchangeable. It is therefore confusing for the questionnaire [for the upcoming Synod] to speak of ‘homosexual tendencies,’ and this is considered to be discriminatory.

As the highly respected Vatican reporter Sandro Magister has described the situation:

Not only do the German bishops approve of giving absolution and communion to the divorced and remarried, but they also express the hope that civil second marriages be blessed in church, that Eucharistic communion also be given to non-Catholic spouses, that the goodness of homosexual relationships and same-sex unions be recognized.

Columbian Bishop Suggests Mary Magdalene Might Have Been a Lesbian

Juan Vicente Cordoba, Bishop of Fontibon, Colombia, insisted that being homosexual is not a sin, and likewise suggested that one of the twelve apostles of Jesus was gay or that Mary Magdalene was a lesbian.

He also said that the Catholic Church does not oppose same-sex couples making a life together, but does not consider such arrangements to be a marriage or a family. “No one chooses to be gay or straight,” Córdoba said. “One simply feels, loves, experiments, is attracted, and no attraction is bad.”

Córdoba was speaking at a conference about gay marriage and adoption hosted by the local University of Los Andes, at a time when Colombia is debating gay marriage and adoption rights. According to local reports, Córdoba said that in the Bible there’s no explicit rejection of homosexuality, suggesting there’s no basis for making a condemnation of homosexuality a Church doctrine.

“We don’t know if one of Jesus’ disciples” had a same-sex orientation, he said. “We don’t know either if Mary Magdalene was a lesbian.”

Ireland Legalizes Gay Marriages

The Catholic country of Ireland became the first country in the world to legalize gay marriages, in May 22 referendum.  In the heated campaign run up to the referendum, the Archbishop of Dublin, Diarmuid Martin, refused to “tell others how to vote” on the referendum.  In the aftermath of the referendum, he spoke in glowing terms about the “social revolution” that took place in Ireland, and the need for the Church to have a “reality check”: “We [the Church] have to stop and have a reality check, not move into denial of the realities. I appreciate how gay and lesbian men and women feel on this day. That they feel this is something that is enriching the way they live. I think it is a social revolution.”

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  1. Are the church leaders want to declare that God made mistake in creation itself by creating man and woman ? Any deficiency in in human body got to be rectified either by medicine or by counselling and not modify the church doctrines and guidelines after two thousand years of its inception. Many who made groups and denominations for want of getting the church according to their tastes and wishes ,as inspired them by evils, are now may be enjoying seeing the Holy Catholic church in being disinterested. Mary Magdalene might have been anything but Jesus asked her not to sin anymore. Let God Almighty forgive these wrongdoers. Holy Mother , St. Michel ..protect the Church! We pray.

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