Taking Offense at Pope Francis… Just the Beginning

By Dr. Kelly Bowring

from Two Hearts Press

Pope FrancisGreetings in Christ. My name is Dr. Kelly Bowring and I am a Catholic Theologian in good standing, a former university professor and graduate school dean, and the message I want to share with you today is solid and trustworthy, timely and urgent… I have dedicated the last several years to studying, analyzing and reporting on solid Christian biblical and modern prophecy related to our times.

I have discovered that this is the most important time in the history of the world, at least since Christ. And this is the most important message ever given to humanity by God since the time of Bible, and that the greatest divine events since the resurrection of Christ are about to occur.

While I have already suffered much in the past 6 years to give you this message, I believe that I am being called by God to do so and simply want to complete my mission.

I have published a trilogy of 3 books, “The Secrets”, “The Great Battle”, and “The Signs of the Times”. All 3 of these books are related, each discussing the prophecies of our times, each giving new reliable sources of evidence and details, and each has become a best seller. Since the first book was published, I have been invited to give over 50 talks on these books throughout the country and abroad at various conferences (see http://twoheartspress.com).

Each of these books has received much positive recognition. Other theologians have expressed their support, though in secret for fear of losing their jobs. One of the books received the imprimatur from Cardinal Vidal. And as recently as April 2015, a high-ranking and well-known Cardinal in the Vatican who I have been in contact with about my work for several years, chose to write me a letter on official letterhead where he acknowledged receiving all three of these books, saying: “Thank you for your thoughtfulness in sending a copy of the three books to me.” He then confirmed: “Be assured that I have forwarded the second set of three books to Pope Benedict XVI, as you requested.” Finally, he offered me his blessing, saying: “Invoking God’s blessing upon you…” The point is that the right people in the right places know about this work and recognize its importance and validity. They are brave and have great courage, as it is the Holy Spirit Who leads them.

Doing this work has not been easy, especially early on, but now time and the unfolding of events have begun to vindicate and confirm what I have written is true. Some have not liked what I have had to say, look down on me, and treat me with contempt, but none has found an error in my writings. And though so many turn a deaf ear to the gift of prophecy, you must understand, I cannot remain silent, as I would be guilty of the sin of omission and for all the souls lost who would have heard the truth and responded in faith.

Accusing me of being false does not change the truth of what is coming. Having been writing and speaking on these things professionally for 6 years now… and seeing all that I have reported has begun to unfold… I can say that today, I cannot significantly change anything concerning what these prophecies are telling us about what is about to occur and is already occurring… it is all unfolding NOW as prophecy indicated it would.

I love the Church and would give up everything for her, and I already have to get this message out… I hope you will receive it and respond only as God wills. I would now like to speak with you about the main themes I have written on in my books.

Blessed Are Those Who Take Offense at Pope Francis

Its not a question as to whether Pope Francis is just a liberal pope, a misunderstood pope, a Jesuit pope, a pastoral pope, or even possibly a heretical pope and an anti-pope.

What we do now know is that, as prophecy rightly warned, Pope Francis has begun to wage a campaign against the traditional Church. He is engaging in subtly and even cunningly moving the Church from a concern for revelation, conversion and salvation to one that focuses almost exclusively on humanism, socialism and the environment. The reality of sin and Hell are by effect being undermined. Compassion for the sinner is being emphasized, without equal emphasis on repentance. The problem is that this leads to people choosing hell who refuse to turn their backs on mortal sin. Pope Francis is leading the Church into the greatest crisis in her history, as prophecy said he would and as many commentators are now admitting he is doing.

Does not the Holy Spirit speak through the prophets, and thus should we not listen to solid divine prophecy, especially as it begins to prove true over time?

Prophecy is clear about what is unfolding and coming, and looking at what is going on in the world and in the Church today confirms the writing is on the wall. Prophecy tells us that the Church is about to be torn asunder and split into two camps, and this by her own ministers, where the visible Church will become the false counterfeit Church and the true Church will have to go underground. It won’t be long now before the divide within the Church becomes formalized and truly colossal. It seems more and more apparent that plans are already underway to form a new church in league with the world; one that by effect becomes more and more opposed to Christ and His Law of truth.

The last 3 years shows us that as the power of Pope Francis rises, anyone who dares to challenge him is being ignored or removed, even in the highest places within the Church. The offenses we have received from him are already so many it’s hard to keep up. Thus, blessed is he who sees what is going on and thus rightly takes offense at him and courageously stands up for the true Faith in these times.

Does this shock you? The words I speak today I have been saying for 6 years and are more evidently true than ever. But there are some of you who still do not want to believe.

Some protest saying that we should remember that the pope is infallible. But, does the charism of infallibility and the corresponding duty of obedience belong to an invalid pope? And hasn’t it been established that a pope can indeed invalidate himself by abandoning the faith or changing doctrine itself? Is this one about to do so, or has he not done so already?

The main question I am raising, based on solid prophecy and on his own behavior, is whether Pope Francis is a fraud, an impostor, a destroyer, a charlatan, a freemason, a wolf in sheep’s clothing and a false shepherd – even quite literally the false prophet of the Book of Revelation, one of the greatest deceivers in the history of the world. And isn’t it worth noting that prophecy does not warn us about simply a bad pope to come in our times, but about a pope who will be the false prophet himself? Let me be clear, as faithful Catholics, we are permitted to question and critique the pope, and especially in this case even at times have the duty to do so.

Much prophecy indicates we have entered the last times (see http://twoheartspress.com/blog/how-to-respond-if-pope-francis-is-the-false-prophet-2/). Pope Francis’ words and actions consistently confirm that he at least a candidate for the false prophet (see http://twoheartspress.com/uncategorized/pope-francis-agenda-unfolding/). Since the day he became pope I have been saying that he could be, as prophecy points us in this direction. In fact, a solid and detailed analysis of prophecy leaves me no other option than to conclude this possibility. The events of recent only serve to confirm this as well. Today more than ever, I can only conclude and confirm again that he most probably is the false prophet.

And while I do not say we should resist or oppose Pope Francis yet, he should at least offend us at this point. I would even say that taking offense at Pope Francis is now the only right and reasonable response. Under his leadership, it seems the Catholic Church is entering the Great Deceit, as he leads the Church to embrace the secular world where sin is no longer being acknowledged as sin. It is becoming clear that he is turning the Church’s teachings upside down. And it seems clear he is camouflaging his real intentions, especially with double talk, so that they are so easily justified in the minds of the innocent, many of who unfortunately are accepting his apparent veiled deceit without compunction.

Yes, I think it is irrational not to be offended by Pope Francis. Of course I know the enemy Satan is instigated by my words to expose him and will fight back. And of course I expect to be rejected for saying these things as I have already been, but I am not trying to convince you, only inform you; not trying to be successful, only faithful. You must choose whether to see or not. If you reject this message, will you not be found rejecting the Holy Spirit? Do you really think it pleases Jesus to reject His prophecy?

Wake up and recognize the words of Christ in this message, while there is still time. Christ needs your help and prayers to avert what is coming upon the world, for you to say yes to becoming the apostles of the last times to help Him save the world in these times.

Yes, if this is really happening, then the false prophet’s plan will unfold in stages and always under the guises of compassion and kindness. I think we must prepare to respond in kind, in 3 stages: with offense today, resistance tomorrow when he will mix the truth of doctrine with lies, and on the third day, a full opposing of his pontificate when he will take the Church into schism.

  1. TAKING OFFENSE TODAY – Bishop Schneider recently demonstrated what it is to currently be taking offense, when he commented on the mid-term October 2014 Vatican synod report, saying in protest:

“This is the first time in Church history that such a heterodox text was actually published as a document of an official meeting of Catholic bishops under the guidance of a pope.”  

  1. RESISTANCE COMING SOON – Cardinal Burke offers when this might become necessary and what this might look like, saying in February 2015:

When asked what he would do if Pope Francis changes the doctrine of the Faith, as many think he will, he said: “I WILL RESIST.” He added:

“It is always my sacred duty to defend the truth of the Church’s teaching…Therefore, if any authority, even the highest authority, were to deny that truth or act contrary to it, I would be obliged to resist [him].”

And when he does this, we will know whom to rightly follow.

  1. EVENTUALLY, FULL OPPOSITION – If the pope takes the Church into schism by changing or abandoning doctrine, we must not follow him. As we continue to head in this direction, we must look to the faithful and courageous bishops to guide us, always remaining faithful to Scripture and doctrine and always in obedience to the true Magisterium of the Church.

Today, the greatest heretics in the history of the Church have infiltrated to her highest levels. No one can deny this now. Sure, many will try to deny these prophecies which God revealed to the world and the corresponding unfolding of events, but they will do this at their own peril. Things are going as they are and rejecting or ignoring this reality will not stop it. Many others will listen and respond. It is to you I speak. Meanwhile, these heretics will continue unabated in weakening the Church. But, I intend to do what I can to stop them and I am trying to encourage you to do the same. And if you don’t actively discern and decide whose side you are on now, you will very soon wake up to find yourself on the wrong side by default as things unfold.

Pope Benedict XVI once spoke of Judas’ betrayal of Christ, saying that Judas’ crime was failing to leave Christ when he no longer believed – a “falsehood,” said Benedict, “which is a mark of the devil.” He continued, saying, “Judas could have left, as many of the disciples did; indeed, he would have left if he were honest. Instead he remained with Jesus… with the secret intention of taking vengeance on the Master.” Ask yourself: Who within our Church hierarchy today is like Judas, secretly a false and faithless apostle, who betraying Christ not only is not planning to leave the Church but planning to take the Church into schism with him, with the secret intention of taking vengeance on the Master? Is this Pope Francis? Time will tell.

Why does all this matter, anyway? The fact here is that when our Mother the Church is being raped and tortured by a sinister and deceitful leader, a real wolf in sheep’s clothing, I will not bend in fear or just look the other way, I will speak up and fight for her, at any cost. What will you do???

The Great and Final Battle Is Unfolding Now

We are now in the time of the great spiritual confusion that God has been warning us about, a time that will see the great and final storm of the Church and shipwreck of the faith. The devil is the source of great confusion, and he is causing many to become spiritually blind, distracted, and asleep. The imposter is being set up to deceive so many people, and because of their misguided loyalty, they will follow like lambs to their own slaughter. They do not see how the Trojan horse has already entered the city of God. More and more from within the enemy is being perceived as the friend, while the true Church of Christ is being declared to be the enemy. Liars at high levels in the Church are using twisted logic to replace the doctrines of the Faith with new heretical teachings, and no one is being given a forum to be heard against them and what they are doing.

This is not simply about changing the small traditions of the Mass or about an extra missing page concerning the 3rd secret of Fatima… we cannot get bogged down in the small things, but must look at the big picture of what the end game is here… And this is not going to be a quick event that will end with the marian triumph of the Fatima anniversary in 2017… as great as the Great Miracle of Our Lady is going to be, it is only the dividing point of the great battle, as Revelation 12 shows us. Afterwards, will come the full unfolding of the prophecies of the antichrist. Don’t get derailed by the false prophets’ claims that everything will be over in a year or two. This battle is only beginning and there are several years of trials still ahead.

Only those among the remnant who love the truth will remain firm in the faith. So you are needed to love the truth now more and more and more than ever. The schism in the Church is only the beginning… steps in the plans for the new world order and rising of the false messiah.

The devil has a plan to separate as many people as possible from the true Faith and from the true Christ. He is introducing new things to confound the masses, and in a way that is filled with false compassion, and by a leader we should always otherwise put our trust in. Unfortunately, prophecy indicates that large proportions of the Church will leave to follow the restructured false church that will lead its members to the false christ. Satan has a plan to divide and break up families, until he finally divides and breaks up the larger Family of the Church herself.

Some say that my words are causing divisions and possibly the schism itself. But, it is not itself divisive to point out the divisions that the Pope is causing. It is enlightening of the divisions themselves and how to start averting them.

Traitors to the Faith are about to cause great spiritual damage, and the Church will endure a violent storm. And many of the ones chosen to defend the truth will deny it. Get ready!

Pope emeritus Benedict will soon have to flee Rome in exile, while Peter the Roman, who is St. Peter himself, guides the Church from Heaven, according to prophecy.

Pray, because only through prayer can you understand these divine messages and appeals.

Loyal Priests: LISTEN!

There are many Judases following the Great Judas, the anti-John the Baptist, who instead of defending marriage is going to defend homosexual unions. The Church is about to be demolished by its own ministers and the flock will be dispersed.

To the good priests who have the true soul of the priesthood… Hands on the rudder! Defend the treasure of the Faith! Hold the lamp aloft, like a lighthouse above the rough sea, so that those who follow the truth may see and not perish.

But even if you are isolated from your fellow priests, you must stand up for the truth. The eternal Word will never change, so do not follow when they say they are modernizing it.

The false prophet will introduce a powerful ecumenical faith and this will be praised by every heretic. The majority of those in the Catholic Church will be deceived, but almost one-half of the priests will refuse to swear to the final oath, according to prophecy.

The Word contained in the Bible will be adapted and twisted to mislead the faithful. The Holy Eucharist and its desecration will be at the heart of all discontent and dissidence.

There will be great horrors on the earth but through these events God will draw many back who will have initially strayed.

You must now prepare for when you are needed to comfort those Christians who like you will never deviate from the Truth.

The Great Apostasy Commences

The great tempest has already begun. This is the time where the truth is being disrespected and new ideologies are being conceived and forced upon the masses.

See Pope Francis for what he is and judge his works in order to see if they bear fruit. We have had enough time now to see that the fruit that he and his heretical devotees, like Marx, Kasper and Cupich yield is rotten to the core.

Changes are being forced upon the faithful, and we are being made to swallow lies. These lies are coming from Satan and are dressed in sheep’s clothing. The truth is that they are designed to destroy the Church on earth, from within its very center. The proof is evident to those who want to see… that these changes being introduced contradict and oppose the true Word of God.

But to all of you open to the truth, I say, God is promising that no evil will touch the trulyfaithful.

The external Church, the new false church, is going to lead men to apostasy, to embrace the doctrines of hell through flames of mayhem.

So in this crisis, you have one obligation… Do not let yourselves be separated from the true doctrine and God’s Word.

The devil is launching new ideas, and many are susceptible to embracing them as truth. Be alert. Listen to what the true Magisterium of the Church teaches, based on the Gospels and the Catechism.

And stand and fight against all evil seeds now being sown to confuse you and separate you from the truth.

We live in times worse than the time of the Great Flood. The clouds of sin cover the entire world today and humanity has strayed from prayer. Sin is being legalized and legitimized on all fronts and at quick speed pace.

Many truths are being pushed aside and false doctrines are being spread throughout the world.

Stand up now! Never accept the lies. Defend the innocent and fight every injustice. Intensify your prayers.

Scripture tells us that the false prophet’s role is to change the Church to prepare for the rising of the son of Satan. See how great spiritual confusion and spiritual disorder rise and seem to pervade all coming out of the Vatican today.

The Great Apostasy has arrived and many in the Church are being poised to enter the schism.

The devil is even sowing discord among those chosen to defend the truth. Open your eyes to what is happening. You must not follow them, but stay faithful to the True Magisterium of the Church of Jesus and unite now with the remnant.

It is almost time now to prepare for the coming days when the true Eucharist will be found only in a very few places. The prophecies of Fatima and La Salette are coming to pass. The churches will be desecrated until the day the antichrist sits on the throne in the new Temple of God in the New Babylon, centered in Rome. Like a false John the Baptist, the false prophet will applaud him and idolize him almost as a new messiah. And through the power of Satan, he will seduce the nations. So many will be fooled by their loving humane exterior as they present to the world their wicked plan. You must be warned now and go and warn others with this video while you still can.

As this unfolds, God will intervene; horrible convolutions will occur on earth, and many will die, and all will see the hand of God at work. God will send great apocalyptic storms, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, volcanoes and heat waves, which will descend on the world to stop the antichrist.

Then in the end those who remain faithful will experience the victory of God.

So get ready and engage the fight!

The Unholy Trinity

This final battle will be mostly a spiritual war, although it will include some actual wars. The uniqueness of this war is that those who side with the antichrist and the false prophet will be seen to be doing great good in the world. When the antichrist arises he will spread atheism, but behind the guise of the New World Religion, with the shell of the Catholic Church being led by the false prophet pope. The antichrist will be the most influential earthly leader of all time, and many eventually will believe that he is the one sent to prepare the world for the Second Coming.

How will you know when this is happening? War in the Middle East will soon involve other nations. The other nations from the West will provoke a reaction from Russia and China. All will end in a World War.

Then when you hear the media reports of the new, promising, skilled, peace negotiator, you will know who the antichrist is. He will come forth and be seen to broker a peace plan. He will become a very close ally of the false prophet. Together, they (secretly) serve Satan and will justify every sin against God and encourage sin everywhere, according to prophecy. With charming allure and under the guise of goodness and pretended holiness, they will lead God’s children astray.

While the False Prophet leads the Church in Rome pretending to be a great pope, only to destroy her from within, the Antichrist will rise to fame in Jerusalem and will be a false reconciler of the Jews with the Palestinians, and of many other nations, helping to end the war, only to then seek to secretly annihilate the Jews. He will create a false peace and set up new global charities, all under the guise of being humble and caring. And then everything in the Church will change quickly with obscene doctrines and new rules in the name of evangelization and modernity, and new disguised satanic rituals and various abominations, seducing the masses with false spirituality. To the world at this time it will seem as if a new era of unity and peace has begun and many will applaud the new one world church.

All the rules are going to be changed; the Liturgy recreated; the Sacraments tampered with; including a new requirement to bless same sex marriages, until, finally, the Mass will no longer be celebrated according to true Doctrine. As they distort the Mass, the Eucharist will no longer be revered as It ought until It will cease to be offered validly. The false prophet’s goal is to destroy the sacraments and all notions of sin through new laws that endorse “toleration”. Then the darkness will descend, the antichrist will take up his place in the Church, and the Great Persecution will begin, with many churches being sacked and disbanded. It will become an offense to question the new hierarchy of the one world religion that will take over our churches. The worst persecution will be Christians against Christians, the worst from within the Church herself.

The False Prophet will eventually hand the Church over to the Antichrist, who with his hypnotic appeal will then lead the New World Order and Religion against God and His faithful ones, until in his deception he will encourage souls to idolize him. Eventually, their new false church will include Jews, Muslims, and other Christians.

Do not let yourselves be misled by these two deceivers.

Faithful Believers of the Last Times: PERSEVERE!

What does God want you to do?

– Open your hearts to the heavenly message of our times and be docile to God’s warnings

– Love the truth and defend it in this great storm that will still last many long years

– Do not permit the flame of faith to be extinguished within you

– In your hands – the holy rosary and the Holy Bible

– In your hearts – the love of truth

– In the center of your devotion –The Holy Eucharist and frequent confession

– Do not be contaminated by the material things of the world nor become enslaved by technology, but seek the treasures of God and you will be happy here on earth now and later in Heaven

– Strengthen yourselves in the love of the Lord… love always and do good to all

– Make family prayer an important priority… Only united in prayer will you be able to withstand the weight of the trials that are coming and only through the power of prayer can you overcome every evil

– Let the divine light of the Holy Spirit transform your lives and give you supernatural hope

– Carry your heavy cross in the cause of defending the truth

– Do not be silent, as your silence will only strengthen the enemies of God

– Do not abandon the Lord Jesus and His Mother… When things are at their worst, for those who call on Jesus and His Mother for help, God will send His angels to help us, to protect us, and to guide us, keeping us free from all danger

The Divine Interventions – Great Signs from Heaven

Through His prophecies, God promises the just His special protection.

Revelation confirms, “And a great sign appeared in Heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, the moon under Her feet and on her head a crown of twelve stars.” The book of Revelation states that in the middle of the final battle, God sends His Mother to be at our side to help us in the fight.

Mary is the Woman of Revelation and Our Lady of All Nations and peoples. And God has been sending her to give us signs and messages from Heaven in the name of the Most Holy Trinity and to tell us that Jesus walks with each of us in this final crisis. And that God will intervene to help to stop the beast from snatching souls.

The Global Warning of Mercy and Great Miracle Sign at Marian Apparition Sites will be granted soon and it will be the great line in the sand to separate those who are with God and those who are not.

Soon in the Great Warning, every eye will see the sign of the cross in the sky whereby God will show each person at once all their sins committed and not confessed, and they will be offered the grace of repentance. This will be the greatest act of God’s mercy in the history of the world, the greatest miracle, as prophesied by Our Lord through St. Faustina.

The Warning, while a great Act of Mercy, is only the first phase in what will be a very difficult and challenging time for all. Many will convert, but after this, those hardened sinners and followers of Satan will deny God’s Existence even more and deny the Warning was supernatural. While the Warning will convert millions, including those loyal to the One World Order, it will not be enough to stop these evil slaves of Satan and the antichrist.

God will thereafter continue to remind us that He exists through divine chastisements.

Ecological disasters will increase in punishment for man’s sins against man. These climatic disasters are meant to wake us up from our blind slumber and lack of faith and to thwart the impact of the evil group of global alliances and the wicked plans of the new world government.

The Mark of the Beast

The unholy trinity of the false prophet, the antichrist, and Satan himself will now more openly mock the most Holy Trinity.

The antichrist, for all his convincing charm and while claiming to be a Christian, will try to win over the souls of the whole world as a political leader of the new world government. He will work to bring about world peace and many countries will unite under his leadership, until he even brings all the nations he unites into the domain of the Catholic Church in a new one world religion of the New Babylon.

Watch out for the mark of the beast, which will be in the form of a bank card and special id chip embedded into your hand … They will soon establish a global currency in the name of “saving the economy” by linking up with the main world banks to create a new, powerful, financial institution, with a new one world trade center. This will be the New Babylon. Access to money, food and other necessities will only be granted to those who accept this mark, but to get the mark you will have to compromise your morality, your faith, your soul. But, the New World Government intends to steal the souls of humanity. Those who accept their mark of the beast will become ensnared by Satan and will lose their souls.

You will have to choose… either the mark of the Beast or the divine seal of the living God, which will protect you from the horror of the antichrist. Hear me now… Faithful Christians must not take the mark, but must remain outside its jurisdiction, bonding together to survive.

As the world is plunged into darkness, Russia and China will then attack the New Babylon of Europe until Rome is destroyed. The New Babylon will fall and then become dominated by Communism, which will lead the frightful period of the final persecution.

Then will come the Great Persecution when many will recant their faith out of fear. You holy ones will be persecuted because of your faith, but do not recant.

And then the Lord will act on behalf of His elect, turning the tables, and the last Great Persecution will really turn into a persecution of the False Prophet and Antichrist and of all their followers.

The Two Witnesses of the Great Persecution

The Two Witnesses of the Book of Revelation are the Church and the People of Israel, represented by their central cities of Rome and Jerusalem. Satan’s plan is to destroy and annihilate these Two Witnesses so that all trace of God and His Saving Law will be removed from the face of the earth, to take over Rome, to take over Jerusalem. Satan would then succeed in his plan to bring every living human on earth to eternal damnation.

But, alas, thanks to the foreknowledge of God’s prophecy, we know this will not be how this final battle will end.

Jerusalem will experience the demise and rise as foretold. The antichrist will then secretly instigate genocide.

Rome will suffer a great revolution.

The Two Hearts of Jesus and Mary are also “two witnesses” of this time and will also be “killed” in this time. The world will reject Christ and His Word, attempting to rid the world of all traces of Him, and all devotion to Mary will be carefully dismissed, by the enemies of Christ, even in the Church. The Holy Trinity is sending Mary from Heaven to help us in these times and show us the path to Heaven. She is only asking her children to listen to her heaven-sent appeals to help us, but many will continue to reject her motherly aid.

But we also know through prophecy that we the remnant army are the faithful witnesses of Christ’s sacred doctrine, and all those who remain loyal to the truth will become fearless witnesses of these times, and go about preaching the truth, conquering the work of the antichrist. 

The Great Chastisement

God has told us that if the world does not convert, especially with the Great Warning, it will suffer a most severe chastisement with much of the world being wiped out. Mankind has lost even the meaning of sin. The divine chastisement is necessary to help purify the world.

And finally through the great chastisement of the three days of darkness, all evil will be weeded out. God is going to purify the face of the earth, preparing humanity and all creation for the new paradise.

While His Right Hand casts down various chastisements against the wicked in these times, His Left Hand will lift and take the remnant under His Protection, and He will provide for us always.

Pray that the conditional final chastisement will be lessened for the sake of the just and that it will succeed in converting souls.

 Children of the Light – FIGHT!

Humanity is at the edge of a great storm but you can change this situation. Do not allow fear to enter your hearts. Know that Satan will not win.

God is in control of everything and He has foretold all these things in the Bible and through His prophets. He is calling you to respond now and to help Him in this final battle.

All these things are preparation for the Great Day when God will separate the just from the unjust. Then the Earth will be transformed and all will live in happiness.

In the end, you will experience the definitive Triumph of the Immaculate Heart, the New Spiritual Reign of the Sacred Heart, the 1000-year Era of Peace, and the New Kingdom of the Divine Will, and this generation will see the new Heavens and the new Earth and the glorious arrival of the New Jerusalem.

At that time, Christ will come again in all His glory, when Jesus will raise up His Church and bring the world to peace at last.

Simply understood – those who honor Jesus’ Mother as He asks are promised to be protected in the Final Tribulation… God has promised to protect us in the New Ark, which this time is not a boat but a heart, Mary’s Immaculate Heart… so have great hope. She has been sent from Heaven in these times to show us the way to salvation and to her Son… and Mary is asking you to read, live, and spread these heavenly messages!

And if you persevere, God promises that your reward will be great in Heaven.

A Final Plea: Uphold the Truth AT ALL COSTS

Be courageous defenders of the truth and do not back down when Church leaders will change the laws to try to alter the truths of the Faith.

What does God want you to do? God is not telling us we have to move or hide or buy certain things, except perhaps a small amount of food supplies… you might waste your time on these things and still they won’t help you. REMEMBER the 8 survivors of Hiroshima and Immaculée the Rwandan survivor… what will save us is prayer and calling out to our heavenly Mother for help as we unite together and trust in the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

What God is inviting us to do is to PRAY! And to use the true weapons of Victory which He has given us for these times: Confession, the Eucharist, the Holy Scripture, the Holy Rosary, Consecration to Mary’s Immaculate Heart, love of the truth, and faithfulness to the true Magisterium of the Church.

Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet and the Most Holy Rosary every day, and in your families, as often as you can to alleviate the impact of this devious and demonic plan of these last times.

Pray too for those souls who will be lost in the imminent global natural disasters brought about by the Hand of God to chastise the world, in order to save the human race and bring all people of good will into the Era of Peace.

Put your confidence and hope in Jesus. Don’t get discouraged. Flee from sin. Love the truth. Keep praying. Victory awaits those who remain faithful, and after the storm passes, you will see the new heavens and the new earth!

Share this prophetic message with all Catholics and with all Christians now. Couragio! God bless you.


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  1. I do not find Pope Francis besmirching the Catholic Faith nor smearing a campaign against the old papacy. Pope Francis is simply correcting the errors of the old Catholic teachings and or doctrines. The author, Dr. Kelly Bowring, sounds like a tinkling pair of cymbals by accusing Pope Francis as a false Prophet Pope… just as he is extolling himself as a theologian of good standing… and believed that he is being called by God to do so and simply want to complete his mission… perhaps a mission to destroy the image of Pope Francis?
    The words of Dr. Bowring are full of fixations and finalities… as if all things do not change and transform by virtue of our evolution! Dr. Bowring is making up his own clock by clinging to his past learnings and taboos. With that, let me leave these enlightening quotes to all readers:
    “Tomorrow’s illiterate will not be the man who cannot read. He will be the man who has not learned how to unlearn.” –Herbert Gerjuoy (As repeatedly quoted by Alvin Toffler)
    “To argue with a man who has renounced the use of reason, and whose philosophy consists in holding humanity in contempt, is like administering medicine to the dead.” –Thomas Paine
    Thank you! 🙂

  2. As Pope Francis, himself, stated “who am I to judge”? If a person knows no other scripture in the entire Bible, apparently the whole world knows that one single verse.

    Certainly none of us are to judge the sins or the eternal destiny of any other human being. God and God alone is the judge of us all. With that being said, Jesus told us that we will know a man by his fruit. Over the past three years, the fruit I have seen coming from Pope Francis’ words and actions are confusion, uncertainty, division and controversy.

    It has now become a recurrent pattern. It isn’t about a misquote in the media or a translation problem or someone misunderstanding something he said. We never had these types of problems — to the extent it is happening here and now — with other Popes. Something is truly amiss when priests and bishops have to reassure the laity that doctrine is unchanged.

    Are these the fruits Jesus wants from the vicar of his Church? Are these the fruits Jesus wants from anyone who claims to be a Christian? I don’t know who or what the Pope is or is not. I do know that I don’t like what I see growing on the branches of his tree. I do not wish to eat any of the apples or peaches from the Pope’s tree because there are worms and rot.

    There are also long-standing prophesies that I believe we ignore at our own peril. I will not ignore the words of the saints from years ago. What will all of this mean? I don’t know exactly, but I think it gets a whole lot worse before it gets better. And when it gets better, we who belong to the Lord will be with Him for all of eternity. Susan

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