Cardinal Muller: first time in history that we have two legitimate Popes

In an explosive interview with the German version of Vatican Radio last October 26, 2016, Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, said that “for the first time in the history of the Church we have the case of two legitimate living popes.”

This is the first time that a high-ranking Vatican official has publicly acknowledged the highly-unusual situation of the coexistence of two popes.   Muller continued:

Certainly only Pope Francis is THE Pope, but Benedict is the emeritus, so somehow he is still tied to the papacy. This unprecedented situation needs to be addressed theologically and spiritually. On how to do it, there are different opinions. I have shown that even with all the diversity that relate to the person and the character – which are given by nature – that the internal link must also be made visible. “

When the journalist asked what this   “internal link” or inner connection consists of, Muller said:  “This is to profess [to proclaim the faith in] Jesus Christ, Who is the ‘ratio essendi’, the true foundation of the papacy, Who holds the Church together in the unity in Christ.…”

The journalist further asked: “What do two popes together offer the Church?”  Müller responded:

 Both exercise an office that they didn’t give to themselves, nor are they able to define: an office that is already ‘defined’ by Christ Himself, as it has been understood by the believing conscience of the Church. And each man experiences within the papal office – as in every other ecclesial office – a weight that one can only bear with the help of grace.

Muller essentially says that Pope Francis and Pope Benedict XVI, “both exercise an office” that is the “Papal office”. And he says that this unprecedented situation, of “two legitimate living popes”, “needs to be addressed theologically and spiritually.”

Papal Secretary: An Expanded Papal Ministry

Müller seems to be going in the same direction as Monsignor Georg Gänswein, secretary of Pope Benedict XVI and Prefect of the Pontifical Household of Pope Francis.

On May 21, 2016, Monsignor Ganswein caused quite a stir when in a conference in Rome, he said that with Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation, “there is an expanded {papal} ministry, with an active member and a contemplative member.”

In that talk, Gänswein said among other things:

Before and after his resignation, Benedict has understood and understands his task as a participation in the ‘Petrine’ Ministry. He left the Papal Throne and yet, with the step [he took] on 11 February 2013, did not abandon this Ministry at all. Instead, he integrated the personal office with a collegial and synodal dimension, almost a ministry in common.

Ganswein likewise said:

There are not, then, two popes, but ‘de facto’ there is an expanded ministry, with an active member and a contemplative member. This is why Benedict XVI has not given up his name, nor the white cassock. For this the proper form with which to address him is still ‘Holiness’; and for this, also, he did not retire to a monastery in isolation, but he is within the Vatican, as if he had only made a step to the side to make room for his successor and for a new stage in the history of the papacy.

Pope Benedict XVI: Petrine Ministry is “Forever”

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI himself seemed to indicate as much that he did not intend to revoke his exercise of the Petrine ministry,  not only with choice of an emeritus papacy, but also with the words of his last speech, where he explained that the Petrine ministry was “forever” in his life and added: “My decision to give up the active exercise of the ministry, does not revoke this fact.”

Likewise, in his recent best-selling book, “Last Conversations”, Pope Benedict dedicated a page to explain his current situation, in perfect congruity with the intervention of his secretary in May and with that of Müller. He says that his was not “an escape, but another way to remain true to my ministry.” And he adds that he continues to be pope “in a deeper, more intimate, sense”.

Today Müller says that “the internal link” that ties the two popes together and binds them to guard the deposit of the Faith “must be made visible.”

Was Benedict XVI Forced to Resign?

Not a few commentators and writers have put forward the position that given the strange and sudden circumstances around his sudden resignation, it may be a possibility that Benedict XVI was actually forced to resign by hidden forces within the Vatican plotting his demise. And while many dismiss this talk outright as outlandish “conspiracy theories”, the fact is that some high-ranking, progressive Cardinals have actually publicly acknowledged the existence of such a secret group within the Vatican that plotted the ouster of Benedict XVI.

In his biography, Cardinal Daneels, a high-ranking adviser of Pope Francis, claimed that a secret group of cardinals called the “St. Gallen group” plotted for years to bring down Benedict XVI. He likewise said that the same group was behind the election to the papacy of Pope Francis. ∎

By Peter Boardside, Veritas


  1. There is an awkening in the u.s. and europe. The stupid masses are finally fed up with the
    liberal agenda. To late, but that will not happen in the vatcan, because the masonic cabbal does not want it. I can only keep repeating, look at the message of fatima and the predictions
    of father malachi martin. Pope benedict said in guanajuato mexico…… We have only two
    weapons left, prayer and the rosery, because the forces of evil have infilltrated in all areas of
    human endeavor, including in our holy mother church. He knew what he was talking about. So
    know ask yourself the question. Why did he resign?


    Penance Penance Penance

    to avoid Divine vengeance
for not showing any remorse

    and trying our will to enforce


The reign of the Impostor has arrived
the Church, of TRUTH is being deprived
the whole world hangs on his lips
while being readied for a total eclipse


The true followers of Christ

    trying to pull off the heist
    are persecuted for non-compliance
and being countered with defiance


When it will seem that all is lost
everything sacred has been tossed
God will deliver us from our agony
and reign forever in all His Majesty


Rita Biesemans, December 19 2013

    The Ship of Peter is torn apart
    Martyred in its Holy Teaching
    It sinks and sinks, no work of art
    The bottom though never reaching
    Dissidents are screaming loud
    Leaving behind an awful niff
    Pretending to be proudly stout
    Gearing the Ship into a cliff
    Jesus shows His wounded Heart
    Smitten with a deadly dart
    Peter the Rock in desolation
    Deploring severe desecration
    Wake up, you Christian Brother
    Show now your truthful face
    With Mary our Heavenly Mother
    We’ll reach that Peaceful Place
    In allegiance to the Holy Father 
    United in prayer and fasting
    No victory will claim, but rather
    Satan’s defeat be everlasting.

    Rita Biesemans, 01-02-2011
    in 2011 Benedict XVI was still the Pope

  4. It is an irony that when 5 cardinals(who represent the minds of millions of Catholics) requests the present Pope for clarification of certain words of his, he choses not to.
    Thanks to the Church that moves in the Spirit lead by none else that St. Peter himself.revealing the Church is still alive & kicking well in the spirit wherein is the truth , true to the words of her Master & Love , “The gates of hell shall not prevail against the Church”, the one Holy Catholic & Apostolic Church, come by the truth of the following Vision:
    The visionary in the spirit is accosted by an highly organized Army of God led by St. Peter himself, to the dual understanding of Joel’s Prophecy. .Peter approaches the visionary asking him, Where from- India, Again is asked Hindu? the answer No- Christian, again is asked hindu- christian ? the reply No,Christian, to which Peter suddenly pulls a gun behind his head. The Visionary thinking that his end is come, “Without any Compromises”, utters Jesus, Jesus by his heart,as his last words, the shot never came but the words “Give him food” . Peter faithful to his Masters command “Feed my Sheep”. This was a test for the 1st. commandment of God “Love thy God” , before which was tested for the 2nd, commandment of God “Love thy Brethren”, even to the point of death, in the same vision but in a different time frame \, such that when tested for the 1st. Commandment the test for the 2nd. was not in rememberance. First for the 2nd. Commandment, for it is written “If you cannot love thy brethren who you can see, how then can you love God who you cannot see”
    Later on St. Peter asks the visionary to be seated with him around an ordinary square table(lest freemasons interpret it as their round table—) when two others from the invinsible army joins in, the three indicating the inner circle of Jesus Christ ,one of who St. Peter introduces as the “Cook”, St. John,,. Where Peter is to Jesus, John is to Mary, for the gospel of John is the Gospel of Mary ,the Gospel of love/lifting.
    *** To the word hindu or hinduism , Lo Egypt, denoted by its chief gods of creation/sustainance/destruction, which are no gods in terms of the word “GOD” but a cycle of Evolution , for even its OM is but the sound of Evolution. Its god is evolution. Evolution becoming as God , is but exceeding the limitations of science, to untruth. Is to know that there is no love in Evolution or Hinduism(Egypt),but whatever love the hindus might have, is off Christ, by the Mercy of God.

    Take heart for Christ never lets His faithful down.

    1. Consecrate Russia unto me said Our Lady & Russia has been consecrated unto her in the spirit, by the Church that moves in the spirit led by St. Peter himself to Joel;s Prophecy/Rom 8:19, its first sign, even though the physical church is unaware, this is evident by the sudden/surprise win of Trump, against the agendas of the war-mongering beast within & without, leaning towards Russia. For the defeat of Hillary is the defeat of WW3.

  5. Such as there is one only Jesus Christ the Son of God so is there only One legal Vicar of Christ in the person of a Pope on earth making the other illegal. Human appointment procedures will produce a Pope no doubt whether the process was carried out with good intents or bad intents. However, the final approval comes from Jesus himself judging from the intents of the electors. A result from the majority of genuine intents of the electors can be confirmed to come from the Holy Spirit inspiration and guidance while a result of the majority electors with ingenuine intents can be confirmed to be of the opposing spirit. BECAUSE THERE IS ONLY ONE JESUS CHRIST THERE IS ONLY ONE VICAR OF CHRIST. In our current senario I discern that Jesus Christ our Lord has decided to keep Pope B XVI while he allowed the devil to have his way in appointing Bishop Francis of Rome to have His Book of Revelation fulfilled. After all the Bible is the inerrant word of God and if what it teaches of the end times is manifesting through numerous signs of our times and prophesies than the so called Prince of our Catholic Church must tell us WHEN would it happen. Otherwise shut up as we are sick and tired of lies and more lies and confusion since Poopy franco came on the scene three years and 10 months ago.

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