The Last Pope? Revisiting the Prophecy of St. Malachy

The Last PopeAre we living in the times of the last pope in Church history?

Archbishop Ganswin, papal secretary to both Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and Pope Francis, has dramatically brought the Church’s attention back to an ancient prophecy that predicts that Benedict XVI will be the second-to-the-last pope prior to the return of Jesus Christ.

In an interview last May 20, 2016, on the occasion of the launch of a book about Benedict XVI’s papacy written by Fr. Roberto Regoli, Archbishop Ganswin  called attention to the “prophecy of the popes” attributed to St. Malachy, and said that prophecy is a “wake-up call”.

St. Malachy, an Irish Catholic bishop, was known as a gifted prophet, even predicting the date of his own death in 1148. The first native-born Irishman to be canonized, he is known in the Roman Catholic Church for his work as a healer, a miracle worker, and as a reformer of the Church in Ireland. He was canonized in 1190 by Pope Clement III. Malachy was visiting Rome in 1139 when he went into a trance and received a vision. He wrote down this extraordinary vision in which he claims to have foreseen all of the popes from the death of Innocent II until the destruction of the church and the return of Christ. He named exactly 112 popes from that time until the end.

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Number 111 on the list, the “Glory of the Olive”, is Benedict XVI because the Benedictines have a branch called the Olivetans. Pope Benedict XVI was not a Benedictine priest, yet he chose the name of Benedict, founder of the Order of Saint Benedict. The symbol of the Benedictine order includes an olive branch. The prophecy, therefore, foretells that Benedict XVI is the second to the last pope prior to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

“Indeed, when looking at the prophecy, and considering how there was always a sound reference to popes mentioned in its history – that gives me the shivers,” Archbishop Gänswein said. Although Catholics aren’t required to accept the prophecy, “speaking from historical experience, one has to say: Yes, it is a wake-up call.”

First published in 1595 by Arnold de Wyon, a Benedictine monk, Malachy’s prophecy consists of 112 short Latin descriptions of future popes. Each of these descriptions identifies one outstanding trait for each of these future popes, beginning with Pope Celestine II, who was elected in 1130. This list stretches all the way from the time of St. Malachy to the present, describing, among many others, Pope John Paul II, Benedict XVI, and finally, “Peter the Roman”, the last pope prior to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

Incredibly Accurate Predictions

Although through the years many critics have questioned the authenticity of the prophecy, many scholars and even clergy have come to its defense, citing the incredible accuracy of the descriptions of the future popes.

Scholars have matched up the descriptions with each pope since that time.  For example, Malachy’s description of John XXII, who held the papacy from 1316 to 1334, is “de sutore osseo,” which means “from the bony shoemaker.” This particular pope was, indeed, the son of a shoemaker, and held the family name of “Ossa,” meaning bone. In another close match, Malachy used the term “lilium et rosa” to describe Urban VII, whose family crest was composed of roses and lilies.

The prophecy for Paul VI was “Flos Florum” (Flower of Flowers) and his coat of arms contained three fleurs- de-lis (Isis blossoms). The description for John Paul I was “De Medietate Lunae,” (the Half Moon). He was baptized Albino Luciani (white light), was born in the diocese of Belluno (beautiful moon), became pope when there was a half moon (Aug. 26, 1978), and died after an eclipse of the moon.

John Paul II was prophesied under the title “De Labore Solis,” (from the labor of the sun), and indeed he was born during an eclipse of the sun on May 8, 1920.

A modern version of Malachy’s prophecies was published in 1969 by Archbishop H. E. Cardinale, the Apostolic Nuncio to Belgium and Luxembourg. Cardinale wrote “it is fair to say the vast majority of Malachy’s predictions about successive Popes is amazingly accurate – always remembering that he gives only a minimum of information.”

The Final Entry: The Last Pope

The final of the 112 Latin entries of the prophecy reads as follows.

In the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church, there will sit Peter the Roman, who will pasture his sheep in many tribulations, and when these things are finished, the city of seven hills [Rome] will be destroyed, and the dreadful judge will judge his people. The End.

There are three important points to note with regard to this final entry, which concerns the “last pope” in Church history:

First, It foretells the “final persecution of the Holy Roman Church”.  Many Church events today bear witness to this reality that indeed, the Holy Roman Church is severely being persecuted, both by outside forces, as well as by “wolves in sheeps clothing” that are within the Church herself.  Prior to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, there will be many “tribulations” that the Church and the faithful will have to bear.

Second, the city of the seven hills (Rome) will be destroyed.  The prophecy foretells the coming destruction of Rome.

Third, “Peter the Roman” will be the final pope.  Some reputable prophecies have pointed out that in the end times, there will reign a “false pope” who will create a false church.  Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich, one of the greatest mystics of all time, saw a vision of the end times, where she saw the “baleful relationship between two popes”, and how the false church grew and size.  The Church-approved apparitions of Our Lady of Lasallete likewise predicted: “Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the Antichrist”. Fr. Stefano Gobbi, founder of the Marian Movement of Priests and Laity, likewise received interior locutions from Our Lady, predicting that the false pope in the end would commit the “horrible abomination”, which would consist in the abolition of the Eucharist and the forming of a false , one-world ecumenical Church.  The messages given to Fr. Gobbi have received the nihil obstat and imprimatur; millions of faithful, and thousands of clergy, are part of the Marian Movement of Priests.

If there will be a false pope in the end times, as predicted by numerous reputable mystics and Marian apparitions, who then is “Peter the Roman”? While many have interpreted “Peter the Roman” to refer to Pope Francis, there is a weight of evidence, covered by this publication, which seems to indicate that Pope Francis is leading the Church in a vastly different direction from his predecessors.

In the messages of Jesus given to Maria Divine Mercy, Jesus explains that “Peter the Roman” is St. Peter himself, who will pasture the Church directly from the Heavens during the final persecution of the Catholic Church by the enemies that have taken their seat at the highest echelons of the Church hierarchy.

The prophecy of St. Malachy is, in the words of Archbishop Ganswein, a “wake up call for us.”  We are all called, in these perilous times – the times of the last pope – to become true soldiers of Jesus Christ, fighting to proclaim the full truth of the Catholic Faith against all error, and praying and imploring Our Lord: “Maranatha!”, come Lord Jesus!


  1. Hi Paul! Very well written and well explained. With your permission I will re-blog it, giving you full credit. All for the glory of God in His Holy Mission: the Jesus To Mankind Mission of Salvation. God bless ✝️✝️✝️

      1. Thank you! Hopefully it leads more people to the variety of good works being conducted through websites such as this one.

    1. Bergoglio is the False Prophet listed in chapters 16,19,20 and is not the Pope as Benedict did not resign. In Latin he wrote he only resigns the active practice of the ministry. Francis was installed by Freemasons who threatened Benedict XVI with death if he did not resign after appointing 20 Italians as cardinals as they needed 20 votes to elect Francis.

      1. Chapters 16,19,20 Book of Revelation. Francis is not the pope so maybe one more pope who may be evil like Francis as he is appointing many Cardinals who have no clue what end is up from third world nations. Peter the Roman could be Peter the Apostle in Heaven who will be invisible but return with Christ and rule for the 1,000 reign of Christ on earth.

      2. That’s very interesting John. I agree that Bergoglio is not the pope and is the False Prophet of scripture. If you don’t mind me asking, where did you get the information about Benedict being threatened with ‘death’? I have never heard that theory. Thank you. God bless+

      3. Would not a Pope choose death rather than allow the Church to be misled? Even the story above about the Cameroon bishop noted what a glorious way it is to die for the Church (not that persecution/martyrdom is ever easy…) Or is this possibly just the way things were to happen? Maybe if he had been killed, it would have just appeared as a natural death and thus all this discussion and clarity not be possible?

      4. Susan I agree that Pope Benedict would probably have accepted martyrdom over most other alternatives. So you think about what they may have held over him… scandalise the Catholic Church through him, put his brother in gaol? Who knows what threats? In the end I think Our Lord reassured him that this was in Revelations but the time would be short. In the end Benedict will be martyred, if he is the pope of prophecy as we believe. Francis may appear to be killed but will be healed as if by a miracle. People will praise him more then. In the meantime it is said that the fact Pope Benedict lives, prevents the Anti-Christ from coming in to power at this time. So the False Prophet only reigns. This allows time for people to see the Truth.

      5. Hi John.. I like yo knowledge about the subject above..I would like to know more..

  2. The followers of our lord can not and dare not follow bergoglio. They are exact opposites. We
    therefor can be confident, that the moment of the glory of our lord is nie.

  3. The best info I could get are 2 apparitions. One in 1817 a French nun was shown that 2020 is the latest Christ will come. A more recent one said, “When the bad pope comes he will not be seen as evil for first 3.5 years but his last 3.5 years he will be seen easily as evil. Bergoglio took office March,13, 2013 so by this reckoning he will be out around March 2020. He definitely is not Peter the Roman but an imposter coup d’etat installed by Freemasons after threatening Benedict with death. Remember in 2012 a Cardinal visiting China said the Pope was going to be killed. It was in all US newspapers.

    1. We must be cautious of interpretation of spiritual language and predictions. The Bible itself cautions us in this matter. The important religious leaders at the time of Christ COULDN’T realize He was the one. Jesus admitted that Elijah would come before the Christ and added that Elijah had come, but they did not recognize him. The expression, ‘The end’, may mean many different things We have to pray hard to the Holy Spirit for direction as we engage ourselves in historical and intellectual analysis of passing events.

  4. Francis the False Prophet who has seized the Seat of Peter said, “Jesus can not perform magic so he did not feed 5,000 with 5 loaves and 2 fish. All present just opened their lunch buckets and shared.” If Jesus can not perform magic Francis aka Jorge Bergoglio is going to end the Eucharist which priests can perform the miracle daily.

    1. Hi DonnaLiane, I have a journal I compiled in 2011 and it is more detailed with a lot of history and scriptural backing. I compiled it in 2011 and by Gods grace alot had not happened then Pope Francis had not come to power and Benedict was still pope. Amazingly all who read it before then stood in awe of God’s prophecy. God bless Paul for this post, it has scratched the surface. If you will permit me I will send you the journal if you provide an email address.

  5. Peter the Roman is the next Pope after this whatever he is, deluded Pope. Marxist-Pope, pseudo-Pope, anti-Pope, false Pope, you choose, who will restore all things in Christ.

  6. I have just finished reading a (2017) letter from the Director General of the Marian Movement of Priests, Fr. Larroque. He is basically pounding the drum to ‘Follow Pope Francis” because the Blessed Mother has said many times that in order to remain in the Church we MUST be loyal to the Pope, and ‘follow his lead’. He claims that people are not reading the entire ‘Blue Book’ when they say that Francis is the False Prophet of the Bible and are taking that out of context. Logically speaking, I don’t see how in the world we can follow a ‘Pope’ that promotes anything but true Catholicism. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think we do need to stay in the boat and be true to our Catholic faith, but in order to do that, we cannot follow this man’s lead.

    1. How can any one be so stupid! Catholism must remain subordinate to christianity, just like the
      pope must remain subordinate to christ. When the pope elevates himself to the level or even
      abouve our lord, or when the pope anulafies, perverts, distorts, rejects or denys, what is anchord in the holy scriptuers, he becomes anathama, and to follow him is to follow satan. Be
      not fooled, god does not only demand from us faith, but he also demands that we us the brains,
      that he has given us.

    2. Yes TLM, you are right. The new director is wrong. I have read the Blue Book too. He is covering for Francis and trying to divert the Marian movement. Francis is not a true pope. The pope is Benedict. We must be loyal to Christ and His teachings and His Sacraments- in their true form. Always contradict heresy. When people say “But Francis says..” just respond with “But do you know what JESUS says…?” And then enlighten them. There will come a time when the true sacrifice of the Mass and gathering of the Faithful is ended by Francis. Do not worry. Mass will be offered in secret refuges. A lot of them, but not all, may be TLM masses. You will know when the time has come; it is not yet. We remain obedient to Christ, His Church (not Bergoglio’s) and all the teachings of the Magisterium.

  7. Thanks Donna, and indeed I couldn’t believe that this guy was telling his ‘flock’ that they had to be true to Francis. Right! Francis the DECEIVER. Francis the BETRAYER. How is it that there are still some who absolutely cannot see the apostasy going on? Follow Francis and you follow him right into the abyss. Poor Fr. Gobbi, obviously, there are some in the MMofP that are leading people astray.

    1. I’ve heard that it’s the new leadership of the MM of P. He seems ‘planted’. Determined to take a pro-Francis view from the start. The followers have been confused and divided over it. The messages are clear and so is the evidence!

      1. Indeed, if you think about it, this is a great possibility. They have infiltrated most everything else in the institutional Church at this point, so why not the MMofP as well.

      2. I don’t know if it’s a deliberate infiltration or not. By reading Fr Geremia’s letter endorsing Francis, I think he is confused and hopeful. He says that in the Synod of the family, PF WAS TRYING TO REVEAL ERROR IN ORDER TO CONDEMN IT. Wonder what he thinks now??! A full and correct reading of the Blue Book (messages given to Fr Gobbi) instead reveals what is to come. And now is here. Obedience to any pope can only occur is the man is the pope which Francis is not. I owe him no obedience nor any any pope even if licitly elected, who is a heretic for they do not represent our Lord or lead His Church.

    1. If you have a WordPress account you can choose a Gravatar (in settings). Rather than a standard symbol. I have always loved this picture of Blessed Mother. No agenda

  8. So true Donna! I feel this way: Even if a Pope (say for instance that Bergoglio is the Pope) we are not only ‘allowed’ to ignore his heresy, WE ARE NOT TO FOLLOW. We will answer to the Blessed Lord some day if we follow heresy. I will resist whether or not he is or isn’t the Pope. Even if you throw out all the prophesies of the times we are living in, for instance, ‘he is the False Prophet’ etc., all you have to do is watch what he does and listen to what he says to know he is not Catholic. We have a duty NOT to follow and even to speak out in resistance to his total apostasy! He presents all the evidence needed all on his own.

  9. The instrument that ushers in the prophesied great Apostasy is Amoris Laetitia.
    Affirming this Apostasy is the Prophecy of St. Francis of Assisi- “Not a pastor, but a destroyer” refers to the present head, come in his name..
    The Prophecy of St. Malachy to the last Pope which is Pope Benedict followed by “Peter the Roman”- Not Francis, but St, Peter himself that heads the Roman Church- Catholic Church, is but to Thank God for the Church that moves in the Spirit led by St, Peter tending the sheep, off Joel’s prophecy, against which the gates of hell shall not prevail
    This again confirms the words spoken by Jesus unto Maria Divine Mercy.
    Now, “Amoris Laetitia” can also be called as the Protestant document. Protestantism(1 John 2:19) itself out of a rebellion, broken away from the Church of Thyatira(Catholic Church) through the unrepentant Jezebel Spirit within & without ,today sunk in Sodom/Abortion/Divorce contrary to the basic Catholic principals, all that is against FAMILY & MARRIAGE, unto the prophecy of spiritually “Sodom & Egypt”, America underscored in the beliefs of Egypt, reveals the same underlying beliefs off the Pharisees(Zionists) that killed Christ.
    This Compromising protestant document, come as the Jezebel Script, lined with Modernism applied to faith, warned against by St. Pope Pius X,, pushed through as the Trogan Horse by the present head, in ecunemical madness, trying to make a name unto oneself, that which neither St. Peter not the Apostles neither Our Lady nor Christ sought after, but to the prophesied great Apostasy.
    Thanks God for the church that moves in the spirit led by St. Peter(Peter the Roman) off Joel’s Prophecy, against which the gates of hell shall not prevail.
    Thus arises the question , can the Queen save herself, for the one ex-communicated, down the line.

    1. The Error of Protestantism(1John 2:19) is the leaven “Only’ by Martin Luther added to Faith ending up clashing with the Book of James, amounts to contradicting the Holy Spirit , the grave error, indicating that his belief was based on a pre-conceived notion.
      Salvation by Grace through faith, where the Grace is Christ Jesus himself, salvation begins with him to which no any own works. entirely upto him.
      Jesus came & took away the sins of man, but then how can one’s individual sins be imputed upon him, without EQUATING with him on the cross,to which are works (James- Faith without works is dead) by keeping his Two Commandments in the spirit & truth of it, amounts to picking up ones cross daily, to following him as commanded, results in “Daily Sacrifices” which daily sacrifices would be “Taken Away” to the prophecy of Daniel, come through the Protestant Philosophy in the leavens of the faith, to faith corrupted, Faith corrupted is NO Faith, to a Salvation by Grace minus faith, indicates Gnosticism in the Abstract(Egypt)its basis.

      1. Is but to be aware that Martin Luther was off the Augustinian order, echoing St. Augustine’s earlier(false)belief, though in the abstract.
        Gnosticism & its Abstract form, are like Paganism & Atheism two opposing sides but of the same Coin, Coin of Caesar, not to the Faith, but contrary.

    2. The question: “Did you read and eventually understood Amoris Laetitia?” is intended for the comment above and not for where it was previously published. There must have been some error somewhere that is definitely out of my intention

      1. Its called COMPLACENCY.
        Warned Jesus ” Remember Lots Wife ” Not just to SODOM but complacency towards it , for a complacent one is already a sodomite, reserved for condemnation—.
        Amoris Laetitia, unless one wants to “wait out” to see it’s results , for the serpent is a crawler-, first through the said complacency—.

  10. Reading all of prophecy, which I really to fallow learned and prayed all about ,
    Fr. Gobi books, the Fatima’s messages, the Garabandal and manay many more aparations that are taking place. And so on… And you truly experienced and see everything what’s going on arround us. ”
    Our Abba Father, is in control…For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begatten Son.”
    Our Owesome Dearest Jesus Christ, says, follow Me, I Am the Truth and the Life, who ever follow Me will not paristh, but have everlasting life.
    John 3:16. the poor servant of the Lord. Rose

  11. Now, St. Malachy’s prophecy states “In the final Prosecution of the Holy Roman Church there will reign “Peter the Roman” who will feed his flock(the Two Commandments in the spirit & truth of it- His Masters Voice, for said He” My sheep know my Voice”))amid many tribulations, after which the seven hilled city will be destroyed & the dreadful Judge will Judge THE people.The End”
    Now, people like the likes of Protestant Tom Horns are quick to state the seven hilled city as Vatican even twisting the word “The People” to “His People”.
    To this, Rome sits on seven hills,not Vatican, so does New York,in fact the commercial Babylon out of the three parts that Babylon is divided spiritually Today the SIN City(Sodomic Capitol) of the world,even to see its Catholic Cardinal Dolan walking hand in Glove with the Sodomites. It is SIN that Prosecutes the Church which in terms of City, is New York So the City of seven hills & its people that the dreadful Judge will Judge is but New York, & every reason for it,
    It is obvious that the Catholic Church is under heavy pressure/threats/black maillings from its enemies to compromise on its basic principals, to its very Faith,(come down through its Saints)once delivered unto them.
    Christ is Faithful, so are His Apostles & Saints. Thank God for “Peter the Roman”

  12. At the time of Pope Innocent, greatly concerned for the future of Catholic Church from her enemies all the more today, off the Enmity put by God,between the serpent & the woman, by their seed, Jesus Christ sent St. Malachy with the good news of 111more popes to come The 111th.Pope Benedict- the glory of the olives, Zech: The two olive trees that stand on the right & on the left beside the God of all the Earth” followed by Peter the Roman- St. Peter himself in the spirit, the First come as the Last, for Ever, reigning over the Roman Church(church of Thyatira) affirming the truth of the One Holy Catholic & Apostolic Church, against which the gates of hell shall not prevail, to Joel;s Prophecy/ Rom 8:19/St. Malachy;s prophecy/words of Jesus unto Maria Divine Mercy, feeding the sheep over severe persecutions & tribulations, till the time appointed, when the city that sits on seven hills (Vatican does not) is destroyed & its people judged.
    Now, it is SIN that persecutes, in terms of a city- NEW YORK, one of the three parts that Babylon is spiritually divided/the Capitol of Sodom/the Whore of Babylon, New York the persecuting sin city that would be destroyed & its people within & without who make is so, are judged by the terrible Judge,rightfully.
    Thus arise the question, can the Queen save herself for the one EX-communicated down the line.

    1. It is quiet clearly observed that the present Pope is Removing/ Shifting/ Down Sizing/Side lining the apointees of the glory of the Olives, an autocratic way but unto an agenda , a sinster one at that,..Prophecies don’t Lie..

      1. having rea the prophesies of Malachi it is said that there would bo only one pope after fluer de li as JP th 2 was known so this is wrong it is said that the last pope would be peter and he would reign over a united church after the initial persecution of the roman church , interestingly it never says that the roman church is the real one but it does point out the the true soldier of jesus will be the winners do you know who are known as the true soldiers of Jesus , none other than the knights Templars, of which I am one .

      2. But of course you would interpret, Bishop McCarthy, that a true soldier of Jesus is only the knights Templar, “of which you are one”. That interpretation suits you well- because you are one. But I proclaim that a true soldier of Jesus is one who worships Him with his whole heart in his life and glorifies him in his death. He serves the Lord by obeying all His Commands, including that to truly love. He obeys all His Commands and does not accept watered down or twisted teachings, another sort of Gospel…or one after his own inclinations and opinion. But only that which has been handed down through His Apostles; ALL of them throughout the ages, who were chosen and established when He set St. Peter the rock, as the foundation to the One True Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church that He founded. He who cleaves to The Lord in Faith and in Truth in the depth of his heart. He calls us all to this, not just a few, and there are many sinners that are being led there. There are none that are excluded from His Kingdom, except by their own will, which serves instead the gods of this world; money, position, power, privilege, self-will. Anyone that says otherwise is a liar and denies that Jesus is Lord.

        Read Jeremiah 7: 21- 28.

  13. Be ye not dismayed, when thou seest all these things occuring, lift your heads towards heaven,
    for nie is thy salvation. One of the reasons i became a catholic, was that our lord has always
    remaind present with us through his holy mother. Fatima is just one example of that. Let us not
    be so worried about messages, that may not be clear to us, but rather rejoice in clear messages such as fatima. We must cling to our holy family, for that is the only family, that
    contains the children of god. I am fully aware, that i must answer to god also for what i write, and i can asure every one, that bergolio, at least at this time, does not belong to that family. Let
    us unite as a good family should in humble sincere prayer, and beg our lord to clean up as soon as possible.

    1. Dear florentino y. Concepcion.
      I would like to converse more with you on this topic. I consider it a spiritual act of charity and I know you love Our Lord dearly as well as His Church. You are not the enemy and neither are we. Pray for guidance on this so that you are not left bewildered and in the 1 World Church. Read Revelations.

      1. Thanks for the concern. Hope comments would not be filtered that much here. I’m not an enemy, just presenting a view much different from comments here, something to think about. this site maybe is just for persons of identical persuasions, sorry for giving a lengthy comment beforehand.

  14. What a bunch of steerdung. Our lord did not ask us to bring sinners together, but rather enlighten them. He did not ask us to bring people in error to stay in erroe, but rather guide them
    to the truth. Our lady of fatima did not apear to decieve us, but rather to help fulfill the promise
    of our lord…….. I shall be with you until the end of time. That does not supercede the holy
    scrptures, but confirms them. Bergolio is not confirming the holy scriptures, but attacking them.
    you shall recognize the trees by the fruit they bare. Wake up.

    1. To the truth of Fatima 1) The CIA( in the order of the Biblical Beast) claims that Pope John Paul 2 was instrumental in toppling communism, as one of them, but the truth is that he was actually serving Our Lady,s interest not to Communism but Atheism, in order to give unto God what is to God- Faith & its fruit is to see Russia strong in the Faith, to the horror of the CIA , which was not their agenda. This was our Lady;s first Stroke\ after Fatima, off the Enmity put by God between the serpent & the woman by their seed.
      2)The surprise loss of Hillary Clinton, avoiding imminent WW3 ,again to the horror of the CIA come against their war agendas but serve their own ends, contrary to the Faith. Off course it came from Russia, though not physically but Spiritually– The Second Stroke of our Lady,
      Even as the war continues surely to many more, till such time the kingdoms of this world become the kingdom of Christ unto God, again to give unto God what is to God.

      A son was given unto them from earth & his name was called the man “Adam”
      For on the cross said Jesus ” My God, My God why have you forsaken me” which was but echoing the last words of Adam. On the Third day Jesus rose again proves .No, God did not forsake his son, even as Genealogy says “—- & Adam, son of God”., Like Father like son- Faithful, reflected on to St. Peter, the Apostles & Saints, echoing Rom 8:19. The sons of God even.unto their manifestation/
      Thanks & Glory be to God.

      1. The Theme of Fatima: The Final battle will be for FAMILY & MARRIAGE ,off the Enmity put by God, between the serpent & the woman by their seed.
        The Error of Russia: Not communism as such, but its Atheism & out of this Atheistic spirit manifested SODOM, all that stands against FAMILY & MARRIAGE, The said ERROR today spread by protestant America through its agendas of global domination, Where as Russia today strong in the FAITH, as the fruit of the Consecration in spirit, which consecration was confirmed by Sr. Lucia herself. Is but to Know the Specific work/task of our Lady is to install FAITH in Man,,for without Faith none can please God.

  15. Authority given unto St. Peter & the Apostles, regulated through the Popes in order to Shepherd His sheep. But when that said Authority become misused against the sheep itself in order to serve political agendas, the said Authority be taken back & that’s what St. Malachy’s prophecy of Peter the Roman is about.
    Amoris Laetitia the protestant document, in the name of love only to end up serving Lust unto Sodom. When the said authority be taken back ,then whatever authority he serves with, comes, from Caesar in turn to the god of this world, the very state that Protestant is, even as St. Peter & the Apostles remain Faithful reflecting their Master, continue to serve the sheep over Severe spiritual persecutions—-/

  16. The story seems to concur with scriptures in 2 Thessalonians 2v1-12 (v9 in particular); Matthew 24v11-15; Daniel 7v25-26; & Revelation 13v4-9. Would you please shed more light?

  17. Give unto God what is to God–FAITH, Give unto Caesar what is to Caesar—SCIENCE, meaning give not unto Caesar what is to God neither give unto God what is to Caesar.
    This Error is spiritually denoted in the wilderness when the two sons of Aaron Lit the Sacrifice using the Strange Fire, that of the golden calf , The Fire of EVOLUTION(modernism), instead of the Holy Fire, Th Fire of FAITH.
    Now Pope Francis talk of “magic wand” suggesting God created through evolution, when in the truth God said “Let it Be” & it was/is, again proved by the words of Jesus unto a dead & buried Lazarus “Arise Lazarus” & Lazarus Arose, makes the Popes Evolutionary talk denying the TIMELESS Power of God, amounting to giving unto God what is to Caesar, reflecting the ERROR in the wilderness/
    And from such comes the AMORIS LAETITIA, a protestant modernist document, in the name of Love, only to end up serving the Lust unto SODOM, Apostasy it is.

    This great spiritual friend of the greater American Pharaoh,
    Daniel : ‘He will not regard the god of his fathers, nor any god but in his own Estate(privately) worship a Strange god, a god of forces”,reveals the hindu monkey warrior god, images of which the likes of the Obama;s(in the order of the 666) love to carry with them, even in their hearts, to the belief ‘ Man evolved from the Monkeys” EVOLUTION to Worship – holy cow- all that stands against FAITH.
    Daniel:: He will not regard the desire of women” which desire of women is to bring forth children, against which he brings in cunningly devised policies, to the desires of the flesh, against reproduction through SODOM & its Agendas, all that stands against the basis of the FAMILY, in turn off the First Holy Family of God
    So it is EVOLUTION & SODOM that directly opposes FAITH & FAMILY.
    Remember the theme of FATIMA “The final battle will be for FAMILY & MARRIAGE
    The Error of Russia: Out of the Communism’s Atheistic spirit , manifested through American Democracy- SODOM, unto the warning of Jesus “Remember Lots wife” not just to Sodom but complacency towards it, for a complacent one is already a sodomite, reserved for condemnation.
    STRANGE fire =========== STRANGE god.

    1. The Sin of SODOM
      Daniel : He will not regard the desire of women” against which is Sodom unto.its agendas, is all that Is against reproduction & its seriousness is indicated by the two daughters of Lot reproducing out of Sodom , though through incest, out of a desperation , cause while in Sodom.they were severely restrained from reproducing , even though they had husbands, in other words SODOM spiritually is fundamentally a “Reproductory Restrainer” against the Command of God, which but amounts to.enslaving the Spirit, resulted in its utter destruction then, reveals’ the Sin of SODOM .
      Even the Warning of Jesus ” Remember Lots wife” not just to sodom, but complacency towards it ‘ (against the Contention) for a complacent one is already a Sodomite reserved for Condemnation , the state of America today , to the prophecy of SODOM & EGYPT- in belief.

  18. They the Gnostics(1John 2:19) have spIritually tagged something priceless , not the picture but its essence, to his Two pointed up fingers of his raised right hand , denotes the TWO COMMANDMENTS , not knowing it is the very STANDARD by which mankind is to be Judged. The second Commandment reads as ” Love thy brethren” to which the ways & words of Cain “Am I my brothers keeper” will not suffice.
    The Two Commandments but to remember the Two tablets of the Law , written by the Finger of God, which Moses threw down on the people & their golden calf, come as the said Standard, to the judgement , for in these two(His Masters Voice) are fulfilled the Law & Prophets .

    On the other hand, somehow it appears the roles of Trump & Pope Francis are interchanged, to say Trump would make a better Pope towards the Faith, after Pope Benedict(the gory of the Olives off St. Malachy’s Prophecy) & Francis an American Pharaoh towards ” Sodom & Egypt” after the Obama’s( in the order of the 666)off Daniels Prophecy.
    But Christ is Faithful—-.

  19. Pope Francis’s answer to the question of Sodom “Whom am I to Judge”, become a hero(sort off) except that he “Spoke of his own” glorifying himself(especially among the secularists inc.cafeteria catholics) instead of speaking out the canonical/scriptural truth , does denote Moses at Horeb striking the Rock(Christ) twice, instead of speaking to it as was told by God, resulted in the people saying “Moses gave us water” whereby the Glory went to Moses instead of God & to the “Error” of Moses he was prevented by God from stepping into the promised land.. To Francis’s Error —?

  20. I just googled St. Malachy’s papal prophecy and apparently, it’s apocryphal (doubtful). The catholic church has no official stand on this prophecy. You may also want to refer to this: ://

    What do you guys think? Im just a nobody who does not want to be misled.

    1. hi mark, be careful with what you read online. There are many scholarly articles that support the malachy prophecy. The papal secretary of benedict and pope francis himself mentioned it and gave it his seal of approval. there will always be detractors. but we stand by the accuracy of our research in this matter

  21. There are many Anti-Christs, but off the same spirit, the spirit of the Anti-Christ.
    The Mark of the Beast, the name & number of a man, incidentally the man of sin.
    The name AVATAR, he who comes in his own name, unlike the Christ who came in the Father’s name, in the count of 666(Obama one in its order)
    The prophecy of Daniel reveals two integral Characteristics vigorously promoted by the said Anti-Christs, even in deceit;
    1)He will not regard the god of his fathers—” reveals the worship of EVOLUTION(modernism) the holy cow out of EGYPT, against the Faith.
    2) He will not regard the desire of women” reveals SODOM, its complacency, its agendas, against the basic order of the FAMILY.
    Even the prophecy of Spiritually SODOM & EGYPT.
    EVOLUTION & SODOM directly opposing FAITH & FAMILY resp.
    The Mark of the Beast on the forehead or hand has spiritual ramifications, forehead denotes the mind & hand its works(Remember the fish god Dagon fallen twice before the Ark of the Covenant(denoting the throne of God) the first time its head got disconnected, the second its hands)
    Unable to Buy or Sell: The Economic/Trade sanctions imposed on nations, into making puppet rulers, in turn imposing the same on their own people.

  22. Christianity seems to be the most interesting subject…… .very convincing but hard to understand like love.

  23. Intreastingly St. Malachys prophecy of the 111th. Pope– The Glory of the Olives , identified as Pope Benedict with respect to his election , the people behind the present Pope namely the Gallen gang tried to Install Francis instead of Benedict. If this had taken place it would have been a “Stumbling Block” to the fulfillment of St. Malachys prophecy hindering “Peter the roman”, ro tending the flock but thank God the prophecy became fulfilled, paying the way for the coming of Christ.

    1. There is an assumption Pope Celestine’s resignation was valid. This would make Pope Boniface an anti pope or not a valid Pope. Does the prophecy count anti Popes or dismiss them.

  24. Prediction number 112 quoted by this article for Pope Francis is actually a conflation of two separate predictions, and this fact can easily be confirmed by a careful reading of Fr. Wion’s original 1595 publication, pg 311 of the LIGNUM VITAE. The error is a common one and was initiated by Fr. Thomas Messingham in 1624 when he included an abridged copy of Fr. Wion’s original list of papal mottoes in his history of the Irish saints, FLORILEGIUN INSULAE SANCTORUM.

    The 112th prediction which applies to Pope Francis is:

    In psecutione. extrema S.R.E. sedebit.
    —- He will reign in the final persection. of the Holy Roman Church.

    Francis is not the Petrus Romanus of the 113th and last prediction of this prophecy.

    1. Is there an English translation of this unabridged list available for those who have a scholarly interest in this subject? I had long wondered why the final entry was two full lines in length instead of just one like all of the rest. The “marker” for the 112th Pope, then, is his reigning during the time of worldwide tribulation — yes? But then Peter the Roman (St. Peter himself in heaven, after the death of the 112th and apparently 111th as well?) “takes over” directly, still, just prior to the return of our Lord Jesus as Judge, regardless of whether number 112 (Francis?) turns out to be a “good” pope or a terrible one. (Other terrible ones are in fact included in the list a few centuries earlier!!) Interesting that a double “witness” is indicated for the “Olive Trees” in Revelation 11:1-11: is this even prophesying, perhaps, a dual papacy that is recognized as being “legitimate” for the first and last time ever by the inspiring Holy Spirit Himself? For 3 1/2 years, before it runs its course? Just a thought…. (Jeffrey Erwin, please get back to me on this if you can? Thanks!! —

      1. The issue with all of the English translations of prediction # 112 is the correct rendering of the Latin verb, “sedebit.” Fr. O’Brien translated this verb as “there will sit,” and it would seem that he did this in order to have the combined mottoes 112 and 113 flow smoothly into each other.** However, the correct translation of “sedebit” is; He (she, it) will sit (reign, preside.)

        I checked for translations of “sedebit” online in the Vulgate Bible and could find no instances of this verb ever being translated as “there will sit.” Furthermore, the phase “there will sit” represents an English usage of an imaginary noun as in “It is raining.” This imaginary noun use does not exist in Latin. Finally, in Latin the verb is placed at the end of the sentence, and its form indicates the correct pronoun. When translating to English, we move the verb to the beginning and add the appropriate pronoun. My conclusion is that the correct translation of prediction number 112 is:

        “He will reign in the final persecution. of the Holy Roman Church.”

        After the election of Pope Francis to whom the title of “Petrus Romanus” clearly did not fit, I came to the conclusion that the final ten lines of Fr. Wion’s list of mottoes were, in fact, two distinct predictions which would apply to two different Popes. It was Fr. Thomas Messingham who in 1624 combined Fr. Wion’s last ten lines into one paragraph, but he did not include any commentary explaining his reasons for doing this.*** Over the last 400 years every subsequent analyst has quoted Messingham’s conflation rather than Wion’s original version of two separate paragraphs. Perhaps Fr. Messingham’s history of the Irish saints was a far more popular book than Wion’s tedious five volume history of his Benedictine Order, so Messingham’s version became prevalent.

        **In his 1880 book Fr. O’Brien promises us an exact word for word quotation of what Fr. Wion wrote in the LIGNUM VITAE. And indeed he does reproduce Wion’s Latin words correctly but then ignores his paragraph structure and gives us Messingham’s conflation.

        *** Here is what Messingham offers us for last two paragraphs of Wion’s list of mottoes in his 1624 publication: FLORILEGIUM INSULAE SANCTORUM SEU VITE ET ACTA SANCTORUM HIBERNIAE:

        In persecutione extre-
        ma S.R.E. sedebit Petrus
        Romanus qui pascet oves
        in multis tribulationibus:
        quibus transactis civitas
        septicollis diruetur, & iu-
        dex tremed* iudicabit po-
        pulum. FINIS.

        Comparing these eight lines to the tens lines that Fr. Wion published in the LIGNUM VITAE for the same words, one can easily see the differences in structure and punctuation.

  25. 2Thessalonians 2 10-11: “cause they have not the love of the truth in them God sends a strong delusion so that they may believe a Lie” has its revelation in Romans 1 24-27 :———SODOM( the lie out out of the holy cow) the delusion, strong indeed spearheaded by America(spiritually Sodom & Egypt) off the synagogues of Satan.
    The booting of Hillary was the defeat of WW3(through the spiritual consecration of Russia) & the Election of Trump but to the prophecy of the Abomination that causes the Desolation (through the synagogues of Satan)
    Both of which were tried to be prevented, but failed by the Sodomite Leftists & Violent Neo-Cons.
    It’s prelude was the failed attempt by the same (through the Gallen Gang -mentors of the one who takes the name of Francis) to prevent the prophecy of the order of the seat of St. Peter..

    ***Worth mentioning is the notorious Neo-Con Mc Cain to say – Go not the “Way of Cain” just as the same Sodomite Leftists & Violent Neo-Cons & their Fake Media’s(led by.the Prince of the power of air—) & hypocritical hollywood go a LUSTING after the Hatred of this blood thirsty war-mongeror. .

  26. 2 Thessalonians 2
    First the Falling Away” (Apostasy) comes through the corruption.of.the word Faith-
    (Give unto God what is to God—– FÀITH, which Faith shall not be.leavenef.or corrupted).
    The restrainer (uncovering) becomes unrestrained (uncovered) revealing the man of sin to say exposing.mans sins.
    In the old sin offerings were made as a covering for sin, in the new comes by the blood of Christ, through Equating with him.on.the cross, by Faith.

    Protestantism (dangerously entering.the Catholic church through the Gallen Gang) out of a rebellion even a royal harlotry has as its fundamental Error the Leaven of the word “Only” added to faith .Negating James is but to misinterpreting Paul. since they cannot contradict each other.
    Jesus came & took up man’s sins , how then.can ones individual sins be imputed upon him without EQUATING with him.on.the cross other than through Faith , to which.are works, James :Faith without works is dead”(emphasis on Faith) through keeping the Two Commandments in the spirit & truth of it , amounts to picking up ones cross daily to following him as commanded, results in Daily Sacrifices, which daily sacrifices would be TAKEN AWAY (ceasing to Equate with Christ on the cross unto exposing ones sins) to the prophecy of Daniel, come through the Protestant Philosophy in the leavens of the faith, for faith leavened is faith corrupted to NO Faith , theologically to a salvation by grace minus faith but to the Occult denotes Gnosticism (1John.2:19) .Martin Luther himself off the Augustanian Order echoes St. Augustine’s earlier belief of Gnosticism though in the abstract.reveals EGYPT unto the prophecy of spiritually Sodom & Egypt.

    The Pharisees brought Mary Magdalene before Jesus to test him., knowing she had a certain (incurable) illness.
    Jesus the healer revealed her illness through writing it on the sand which was Nymphomancism” further cured her by driving out seven(female)demons out of her, the spirits.behind Sex, its corruptions & Accusations, its Symbol —-SODOM (denoted by the multi-colored Babylonian Garment of Jericho).its Agendas & COMPLACENCY (remember Lots wife).

  27. How can I become a Catholic, am a Protestant for now but I believe in the holy Catholic church. Where can I get your Bible?

  28. Our Lady’s last appearance at Medjuorge in ST. JAMES CHURCH has its significance in these last days to the Prophesied Apostasy, leading to the falling away from the faith, ,specifically comes through the Protestant Philosophy by the Leaven of “Only ” added to FAITH, -not giving unto God what is to God, changing the whole concept/truth of salvation, unto ontradicting JAMES : FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD” amounts to mis-intrepretting Paul , since they cannot.contradict each other , with Martin Luther wanting to remove the Epistle of James( one amoung the 3 constituting the inner circle of Jesus Christ ) even unto calling it Straw , “cause it did not fit the Protestant( sunk in Sodom & Divorce) Philosophy, , now dangerously entering the Catholic Church as the Trojan horse through the likes of the Swiss based Gallen Gangs.

  29. francis(sic) was invalidly elected . under the rules laid down by jp2. the rule says that any “pope” elcted by a conspiracy is not pope. the st gallen mafia made sure of his election so francis is not pope or peter the roman

  30. The significance of Our Lady’s last apperations specifically at St.James Church has its relation to the book of James unto it’s violations especially the words “Faith without works is dead” which.violations, theologically enters the Catholic Church through Protestantism by corrupting the word faith, to adding the leaven of “Only” to FAITH – to not giving unto God what is to God, Negating James amounts to mis-interpretting Paul since they cannot contradict each other , changing the whole concept/truth of salvation, ending up TAKING AWAY the daily sacrifices to the prophecy of Daniel, not necessarily to stopping the Communion.but to taking away the Faith associated with it, making it to be just symbolic as in Protestantism, which errant philosophy dangerously enters the Catholic Church as the Trojan horse through the.likes of the Gallen gangs , into the prophesied Apostasy
    The ex-communication of QE1 by St.Pope Pius V significantly prophetic to the ex-communication of Protestant itself , the source of the Apostasy unto the prophecy of the falling away from Faith.,
    which Jesus asks on his return “Will I find Faith “

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  32. How is Christ the AntiChrist? He is but a Photon, a light particle and the only particle capable of becoming his own anti-particle. He is a celestial crininal Eros, charged in Judgement of the Primordials with conspiring with Cronos to separate Gaia from Uranus. Gaia is Kali, the Holy Spirit, Uranus is Shiva, Hades the God, NuWa and FuXi to others, he was raised from the dead in 2005 when the War in Heaven was WON. The celestial hierarchy reestablished, Krishna/Zeus, God the Father who is actually Horus, the Son of Man;, Shiva/Hades/Uranus, God the Son (of God, Gaia) and Kali, who is also Persephone, a judge at this end time, which is actually now done, million item end time check list complete, now that the human race came to the end of the spiral arm of this galaxy, and had to be moved to a new ARM provided, as you were all asleep but all were moved good and bad, thus the separation is on since. Half will not return to this planet but were sent to the lower hellish planets, the lower regions of this Cosmos, some sent to the Savage Territories, and few made it to the higher planets, where they have returned anyway to move this mess along. So, another 65 years of upheavals on Earth, geologically with Solar interference; 4500 years to fix Planet, Nature and the Human Condition and a promised 10,000 golden age upon this planet.

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