Deafening silence from Vatican during Rome’s gay pride week

gay pride.pngLast June 9, a Gay Pride March took place in Rome while the local well-nourished prelates, including Pope Francis, went into silence and hiding. The Church’s honour was saved by the Committee San Filippo Neri, a group of young, courageous Catholics, which organized a procession of reparation. The group contacted the Pope’s vicar for Rome, Angelo De Donatis who this month will become a cardinal. Unsurprisingly De Donatis refused to answer.

Pope John Paul II: Gay Pride Is an “Offence” and “Affront”

Marco Tosatti recalled on his blog the words of John Paul II who at the end of an Angelus in the year 2000 referred to a Gay Pride march that had taken place the week before in Rome. Quote, “I cannot but make a remark regarding the well-known demonstrations that took place in Rome in recent days. On behalf of the Church of Rome, I have to express bitterness at the affront inflicted to the Great Jubilee of the year 2000 and the offense brought to the Christian values of a city that is so dear to the hearts of all the Catholics of the world.”∎


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  1. Neither of them did what PIUS XI did when the Nazi’s marched through Rome … He left town to get away from the sight of “the crooked cross”

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