Vatican Synod document uses “LGBT” term for the first time in Church history

More and more same-sex marriages are taking place all over the world. The Vatican’s use of the term “LGBT” does not help in curbing the normalization of sinful homosexual behaviour.

The Vatican document outlining the initial working positions for October’s global meeting of Catholic bishops marks the first time in Church history that a formal Church document has replaced the term “persons with same sex attraction” with “LGBT”.  The document cites that “some LGBT youth … wish to ‘benefit from greater closeness’ and experience greater care from the Church.”

The Instrumentum Laboris for the 2018 Synod marks an incremental advance for the “LGBT” cause in the Church. LGBT, which is an acronym for lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transsexuals, is a term that is pushed by the propaganda machine of liberal leftist elements in the government and society in order to normalize sinful homosexual behavior. For the first time in history, a formal Vatican document uses the propaganda term “LGBT” to describe what the bible calls an “abomination”.

Further, the document refers to homosexual bed-fellows in the same sentence as married spouses, implying a level of equivalence between same-sex couples living in mortal sin, and married couples sanctified by the sacrament of Matrimony.

The new document, released by the Vatican last June 19 in Italian, is the preparatory working instrument for the October 3-28 Synod of Bishops in Rome, during which hundreds of bishops will come to Rome for discussions on the theme “Young People, the Faith and Vocational Discernment.”

The preparatory document also takes a notably inclusive tone towards both young Catholics who express disagreement with church teachings and young gay people.  Noting that some younger believers disagree with the church on contraception, abortion, or same-sex marriage, for example, it acknowledges that many of them also “express the desire to remain part of the Church.”

The text insinuates that the major questions for today’s young Catholic people are sex, homosexuality and feminism. However, a preparation meeting earlier this year showed that the major question among young Catholics was the Old Latin Mass. But the Vatican does not want to hear this.

Pro-homosex Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri said during the presentation of the document that the Church is “open” to gay people, “We don’t want to be closed in on ourselves.”∎

Paul Simmons, Veritas


  1. Jesus said, the devil will never prevail against our Church. The Church will prevail but many in the clergy especially this pope will not. Evil and modernism has corrupted many.

  2. The Vatican does not want to hear about the “old Latin Mass” only about matters ‘sexual’ … grievously so that is. What does that tell you? Isn’t it time for some whipip ng around o fthe money changers in the temple? The people have been lullabied to sleep with language and slow changes

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