Veritas Vincit International is a global movement dedicated to helping Christians all over the world discern the times we are living in – the “End Times”, or the short years leading up to Jesus’ Second Coming.  Various reputable prophecies and apparitions of Our Lord and Our Lady clearly indicate that the Second Coming of Jesus Christ is imminent – in fact, it may happen in the lifetime of this generation.

Prior to Jesus’ Second Coming, however, numerous tumultuous events will take place – the seizure of the Catholic Church from within by the forces of Freemasonry led by the “False Prophet”, a new world war, the emergence of the Antichrist, the emergence of a one world religion led by the False Prophet and the Antichrist, a global “Warning” or “Second Pentecost”, global catastrophes on a  scale never before witnessed by mankind, and many others.

This blog seeks to help the reader understand these times, and more importantly, prepare for the coming of Our Lord.  Maranatha!  Come, Lord Jesus!  Veritas Vincit! The Truth shall conquer.


  1. I cannot find the total list of Catholic popes and anti-popes from St. Peter to Francis in 2016. I saw it somewhere, but cannot find the right website where it was, but I really want to make a copy of it. Can you help? Thank you so much for this website.

  2. Hi there,
    I am born again Christian and just to share with you that when I asked the Holy Spirit to tell me if Pope Francis is not truthful to his magisterium I was told “This is what he says now, wait until you see what he is going to do, then you will know”

  3. Excellent blog. FYI, “vincit” is in the present tense; the future tense is “vincet,” as in “veritas vincet.” I’m assuming you want the future tense, given the translation of the blog title: “The Truth *Shall* Prevail.”

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