Signs of the end times: Fr. Stefano Gobbi

In her messages  given to Fr. Stefano Gobbi, as contained in the book “Our Lady Speaks to Her Beloved Priests” (with imprimatur and nihil obstat), Our Lady shared the signs of the “end times”, or the times that precede the Second Coming of Jesus. Below are excerpts from our Dec 31, 1992 message:


“I have announced to you many times that the end of the times and the coming of Jesus in glory is very near. Now, I want to help you understand the signs described in the Holy Scriptures, which indicate that His glorious return is now close.

“These signs are clearly indicated in the Gospels, in the letters of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, and they are becoming a reality during these years.

“The first sign is the spread of errors, which lead to the loss of faith and to apostasy.

These errors are being propagated by false teachers, by renowned theologians who are no longer teaching the truths of the Gospel, but pernicious heresies based on errors and on human reasoning. It is because of the teaching of these errors that the true faith is being lost and the great apostasy is spreading everywhere…

‘The day of the Lord will not come unless the great apostasy comes first.’ (2 Thes, 2,3)…

The second sign is the outbreak of wars and fratricidal struggles, which lead to the prevalence of violence and hatred…

The third sign is the bloody persecution of those who remain faithful to Jesus and to his Gospel and who stand fast in the true faith…

The fourth sign is the horrible sacrilege, perpetuated by him who sets himself against Christ, that is the Antichrist…”∎


  1. Talk about the great apostasy from Truth; look at what parishioners said and did to Fr. Nicholas Rynne in Tasmania, Australia. The story in Church Militant combined with comments will give you the full picture. It seems indeed that errors have spread unquestioned from church to church unceasingly. There is, though, a remnant.

  2. When was the last time you heard in a homily about the “End Times?” The Church as a whole is afraid to instill truth and the fear of God for the fear of driving the faithful away and watching the collections drop. There are shepherds more interested in how much money is in the bank rather than the salvation of souls! Has this Lent inspired you to come out of your tomb by more prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. It’s time to get down to “brass tacks” and get serious. Yes, even the remnant is getting smaller. Refer back to the “prophecy” of Cardinal Ratzinger in 1969 about what the Church would be facing in 2000. Here we are!

  3. Once again, our lady did not warn us of a disorientation in the church, but rather a diabolical disorientation. We certainly have had that for some time
    already. Bergolio seams to be the climax.

    1. yes , well said . We must Choose a side , and use our sword ( rosary ) and shield ( scapular ) .

  4. No doubt,we are obviously coming to the climax of evil and desolation in the Church of God.According to the Scriptures,when such thighs begin to happen,raise up your heads and stand firm,for your salvation is at hand.But we will be victorious through the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Our Holy Mother Mary.

  5. In 1943 Lucia had a serious lung infection. She refused her confessor’s, and her bishop’s request to write down the “3rd secret”, so it would not be lost in the event of her death. Her reason was…
    “IT’S TOO AWFUL FOR MANKIND.” BUT she had seen and experienced WWI, Spanish Flu, and by 1943 WWW2 etc etc. In the vision of 1917 she saw sinners falling into Hell… What could be more “AWFUL FOR MANKIND” than that? And under what circumstance could that happen?

  6. We need to pray, daily, for the priests. More lectures on the reality of hell, being devoted to our beautiful Blessed Mother, Mary, and daily recitation of the rosary, as she has instructed to the children at Fatima. We need to be told reality and what happens when we die!

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