Online Conference on the Great Apostasy

Followers of this blog know that our key focus is on the Great Apostasy, or the “loss of faith” happening in the highest levels of the Catholic Church. We have written extensively about this subject for the past several years, and we are happy that we are not alone anymore in this “crusade” to open the eyes of people to the Truth.

There is an online conference being promoted and being circulated online which talks about this “Great Apostasy”. From the description of the event, we highly-recommend our readers/followers to attend this conference, since it reinforces the entire point and theme of our blog since the start. Below is a description of “The Great Apostasy in the End Times Online Conference” as can be found in the registration page. You may register for day 1 and 2 of the event in these links:

Day 1:

Day 2:

The Great Apostasy in the End Times Online Conference

The Catholic Church is in the midst of a great crisis. In fact, many commentators in Catholic media are already saying that the Church is perhaps already in the midst of a de facto schism. On one side, you have high-ranking liberal prelates pushing for major changes in the Church: same-sex unions, cohabitation, contraception, tolerance towards abortion, and many others. On the other side, you have faithful Cardinals and bishops fighting to preserve the True Traditional teachings of the Catholic Church.

We are living in the midst of the Great Apostasy in the End Times foretold so long ago. We are living in the period of a massive loss of the True Faith, just prior to the Second Coming of Our Lord. 

In this 3-day online conference, we will cover in extensive detail this prophesied Great Apostasy in the End Times. This will be a 3-day online conference to be held on the following dates:

Day 1: April 10, 9-1030pm Hong Kong Time

Day 2: April 11, 9-1030pm Hong Kong Time

Day 3: April 17, 9-1030pm Hong Kong Time

Day 1 will cover the prophecies of various saints, Marian apparitions, as well as contemporary prophecies on the Great Apostasy. In particular, we will take a deeper look at the prophecies on the Great Apostasy based on the Messages of the Holy Trinity in the Book of Truth. 

Day 2 will cover in extensive detail the major changes that have already happened (and still continue to happen) in the Catholic Church. These changes in the Church that are happening before our eyes are a fulfillment of various prophecies given in incredible detail in the Book of Truth.

Day 3 will give us practical advice on how we can prepare ourselves for more changes ahead in the Church, and how we can remain in the Truth of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

This Global Online Conference will be in English. However, there will be Live Translators during this event who will lead the prayers in various languages, namely: Spanish, French, Dutch, Korean, Italian, Hungarian, Polish, and Croatian.

You may register here (please register for each day):

Day 1:

Day 2:


  1. Hi,
    Your “recent articles” are a fait acompli for apostasy.
    Therefore “end of times” in play.
    At what point is Jesus’ promise complete….AND HE GOES HOME?
    Has anyone read Lucia words?

  2. Only our lord con clean up this filth. God save the young people, who are
    confused and without advice.

    1. Erick, when Jesus went into His passion, the end result was His death, and His job, Redemption was done. Now the church is deep in it’s passion, it will no doubt follow Jesus. Then He will return, but this time as a judge, to assess us.

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